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Garlic & Sea Salt Butter from Golden Glen Creamery


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Creamy garlic and sea salt butter: melt it & use for dipping crab meat, spread it on a bun for toasting sandwiches (like we do in our Pacific Northwest Crab Roll Experience Kit), or use for sautéing scallops. 

About Golden Glen Creamery

Right down the road from the Smokehouse is a small town called Bow, home to one our favorite dairy farms: Golden Glen Creamery. The farm is situated in a foodie oasis, surrounded by rolling green grasslands and vegetable farms. Golden Glen Creamery features all natural, handcrafted cheese, butter, and dairy from their Holstein, Guernsey and Jersey cows. We have carried this local favorite at our Smokehouse Store for years—try it today for yourself!

3 oz tub

3 oz
  • Ships on Ice

  • Thaw & Serve

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