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Seattle, Washington

To refuse or neglect to give coffee to their wives was a legitimate cause for divorce among Turks. The men made promise when marrying never to let their wives be without coffee. "That," says Fulbert de Monteith, “is perhaps more prudent than to swear fidelity.”

Founded in 1990 by Seattle native Tucker McHugh, Caffe Appassionato is among the Pacific Northwest’s premier roasting companies for fine gourmet coffee products. Caffe’s products distinguish themselves by being superior in quality, full-bodied flavor, and exceptionally low in acids. They step back in time to roast the artisan-way. Their roasters manually blend and roast the raw coffees by hand using sight, smell and time to ensure the perfect roast. No computer can replace a coffee-roasting enthusiast trained as Roaster extraordinaire. Their success originated in the Pacific Northwest, but Caffe Appassionato coffee is enjoyed in coffee shops around the world.

Caffe Appassionato has partnered with Made In Washington for over 20 years!