Sustainable Seafood & Our Partnership with MSC

Sustainable Seafood & Our Partnership with MSC

The clean, icy cold waters of the Pacific Northwest are home to some of the most spectacular seafood on the planet, from wild salmon to halibut, crab, sablefish, cod, scallops and more. 


The long-term sustainability of these natural resources is of paramount importance to us at SeaBear, to those who live in this beautiful part of the world, and to everyone everywhere who enjoy these amazing seafood choices. That’s why, as an important part of our approach to responsible sourcing, we are proud to partner with the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), and feature their sustainability certification on more and more of our offerings.


Americans understand how important responsible sourcing is when it comes to seafood like these, and others.  In fact, 68% of consumers believe that people should consume fish and seafood only from sustainable sources – an increase of 10 points from just 2020.  Sustainability is already quite important, and getting more important all the time.



About The MSC

Seafood is among the most widely traded food commodities in the world and the demand for seafood is rising as the global population grows. The MSC is working to end overfishing and incentivize people to produce and consume seafood sustainably.


Sustainable seafood comes from fisheries that catch fish in ways that ensure the long-term health of a stock or species and the wellbeing of the ocean. 

The Marine Stewardship Council sets out requirements for sustainability in its MSC Fisheries Standard. There are more than 400 wild-capture fisheries around the world certified to this standard. To become certified, these fisheries must comply with requirements across three principles:


  • Only fishing healthy stocks, 
  • Being well-managed so stocks can be fished for the long-term, and 
  • Minimizing their impact on other species and the wider ecosystem


The MSC certification process is independent, verifiable, and based on science. MSC does not directly certify fisheries – fisheries achieve certification through an independent assessor following a rigorous assessment.


Learn more about the Marine Stewardship Council at, and check out some of our SeaBear line featuring the MSC eco-label, among our signature Smoked Salmon Gift Boxes HERE, our Ready To Eat pouch line HERE, our smoked salmon lox items HERE, and our specialty PNW Smoked Salmon items HERE.


SeaBear Ready To Eat Pouch with MSC logo