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SeaBear is proud to partner with Keyport—a five generation family-run operation & America’s premier processor of world-class, wild-caught crab. Experience the same crab served at fine restaurants across the U.S., shipped direct to your home from the Pacific Northwest.



    Meet Rip Carlton, Captain of the F/V Patricia Lee and fan-favorite of Season 18 of the hit show Deadliest Catch. With a career spanning 40 years in the Bering Sea, Captain Rip has been at the forefront of championing the sustainability of the Alaska Golden King crab and Bairdi fisheries for decades.

  • Captain Chad

    Captain Chad of the F/V Erla-N is a true Bering Sea legend with over three decades dedicated to protecting the sustainability of the Alaska Golden King crab fishery. When not aboard the Erla-N, you will find Chad closer to home harvesting Dungeness crab in the coastal waters of the Pacific Northwest.


    Meet Anna Capri, Co-Captain of the F/V Erla-N. Anna grew up in the commercial fishing industry and piloted her first vessel at just 20 years old. She loves the camaraderie and adventure of navigating the rugged waters of Alaska’s Aleutian Islands in search of Golden King crab.

  • Captain Rick

    Meet Rick, fearless Captain of the Aleutian No 1, sister boat to the F/V Patricia Lee. With decades of experience, Rick is a true leader in the Alaska Golden King crab fishery and has been a champion of its development and protection.

  • Captain Kris

    Hailing from a long line of fishermen, Bering Sea crabbing runs in Co-Captain Kris Hanson’s veins. He has honed his expertise on the F/V Patricia Lee, piloting one of only five boats in the world equipped to harvest the elusive Golden King crab.

  • Captain Chris

    Meet Chris Chernoff, a seasoned captain with years of experience in black cod fishing and relative newcomer to the Alaska Golden King crab fishery. As Co-Captain, he brings a wealth of knowledge and a passion for the sustainable fishing to the deck of the F/V Erla-N.


Get a flavor for the dangerous and rewarding journey required to catch Alaska crab, in this video by our friends at Keyport.

”I’ve fished all over the world and our crab fishery is, I think, the finest managed fishery in the world.” –Capt Rip