Crab By The Case: Dungeness 10lbs

10 LBS

Crab By The Case: Dungeness 10lbs
Crab By The Case: Dungeness 10lbs
Crab By The Case: Dungeness 10lbs Thumbnail
Crab By The Case: Dungeness 10lbs Thumbnail
Crab By The Case: Dungeness 10lbs Thumbnail

Crab By The Case: Dungeness 10lbs


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Need crab for a dinner party? Putting on an event? Or just like to have wild crab at the ready? Our new 10 lb case program lets you purchase crab by the case like a seafood industry insider. Alaska crab is pre-cooked, cleaned, and coated in a protective ice glaze in Alaska to preserve its wild-caught freshness.  Stock your freezer with wild crab like a Bering Sea captain!  

HOW MANY WILL IT FEED?  We like to figure on about 1 lb per person. If you will be adding crab as an accompaniment to salad or pasta or as part of a ‘surf & turf’ entrée, plan on about 1/3-1/2 a pound per serving.

TO ENJOY - To enjoy, simply remove legs or sections from the case, THAW overnight in the fridge, RINSE, and SERVE. Wild Alaska crab will keep in your freezer for up to a year, but in our experience, your family will have eaten it up well before then. For more detailed information on storing and serving wild Alaska crab, visit

ABOUT DUNGENESS CRAB - Experience the Pacific Northwest’s best kept seafood secret! We LOVE our crab, and while we all enjoy Alaskan King Crab from time to time, no variety is more popular and widely enjoyed than the spectacular Dungeness Crab. Named after a small fishing village here in Washington, these crab are SWEET, SUCCULENT and PACKED WITH MEAT! Unlike any crab you’ve had before, diving into the delicate goodness of our Dungeness Crab is an experience as much as it is a meal.

These culinary treasures –loved by top Northwest chefs -- are native to the West coast, and caught in the cold waters of Alaska, Washington, Oregon and northern California. Your clusters are FULLY COOKED, FULLY CLEANED & READY TO ENJOY

Wonderfully sweet – never briny or salty – these Dungeness clusters have been flash-frozen to lock in their distinctive flavor and delicate texture. Simply THAW, RINSE, and enjoy.  Each cluster approximately 1/2 lb.

Download our How to Prepare Guide HERE

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