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The SeaBear Story

Only from the Pacific Northwest's pristine icy cold waters, home to some of the most spectacular seafood on the planet.

Only from a region so steeped in centuries-old traditions surrounding our wild salmon and other seafood.

Only from our small-batch smokehouse, with over 65 years of heritage bringing this region's rich seafood traditions to life.

Share this great regional food tradition—on your appetizer table, as a gift to family & friends, or in a host of delicious serving ideas.

Backed by Our Fisherman's Oath Guarantee

Responsibly sourced

Handcrafted in the Pacific Northwest

100% Guaranteed

About Us

Shop Risk Free - Our Guarantee THE FISHERMAN’S OATH

Since 1957, we’ve taken great pride in sharing with you the bounty of the Pacific Northwest. If for any reason you are not absolutely thrilled with our products and service, we will immediately replace your order, refund your money, or do whatever it takes to make it right. That is our promise.

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  • “Keep up the good work. I'll keep up the good eatin' . . . . and the "good sharing" with a couple of good neighbors.”

    Tim L, WI

  • “I couldn’t wait to try the fresh halibut. I grilled it, and it was the best dinner I ever had!”

    — Michael B., Lansing MI

  • “A friend recently sent me a large King fillet and it was wonderful. I have not tasted fish so fresh and delicious since I pulled it out of the ocean myself.”

    – Sandra G.

  • “We were gifted your salmon several years ago and after that, we started shopping at SeaBear. Keep on providing your awesome line of food- we will keep shopping!”

    Paulette S, MO

  • "I just want to say....THANK YOU....so much for all the effort ...from everyone... that goes into making the Wild Salmon Chowder...it is so very delicious...and nutritious....THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!"

    Ellen B., WA

  • “The fillets are delicious as has been my previous experiences with SeaBear, especially coupled with my fresh garden vegetables.”

    Rick S., TN

  • “Your product, which we received as a gift, was delicious. My husband said it tasted like what he always hoped smoked salmon would taste like, but never did, until yours came along.”

    Mary Lou C., Long Beach CA

  • “Your company not only made my Christmas but brought joy and happiness to nine other families. Thank you and you will hear from us next year and we will expand the list.”

    Barbara Ann O., NH


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