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Salmon Oil Softgels


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Working with our friends in Alaska, we are proud to now offer SeaBear Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil softgels, with some very distinctive points of difference:

Cold Pressed, Extra-Virgin Salmon Oil – The salmon used to make SeaBear Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil softgels are processed in an ocean-going, state-of-the-art facility which extracts the oil through a gentle, low temperature process. As with premier olive oils, this cold press/extra virgin approach results in a pure, unadulterated, unrefined oil that celebrates the very best of the wild salmon. The resulting oil is not only a pure natural source of Omega-3 fatty acids, but unlike other more refined fish oils its also contains other oil soluble nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants found naturally in free-swimming wild salmon.

100% from Wild Alaskan Salmon – Many of the oils available today are not necessarily from wild Alaskan salmon, or may even be from a combination of seafood. Ours is made from only pure wild salmon, from the cold, clean waters of Alaska. Since the processing facility used to extract the oils is ocean-going, it is able to be moored near the actual fishing grounds, further facilitating the transport and availability of the fresh wild salmon. You simply cannot find a more direct-from-the-source approach anywhere.

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