Celebrating 65 Years
(and the packaging innovation that changed the game)

Celebrating 65 Years (and the packaging innovation that changed the game)

A lot was happening in the world in 1957. The Space Race had just begun; the Milwaukee Brewers won the world series over the New York Yankees 4-3; “Jailhouse Rock” by Elvis Presley was released. 1957 was also the year local Anacortes fisherman, Tom Savidge and his wife Marie, built a smokehouse in their backyard and started smoking Pacific Northwest salmon. Their business, “Specialty Seafoods”—later renamed SeaBear, was born.

Tom Savage and his various patents

Local tavern owners loved this smoked salmon but the request to keep it fresher for longer prompted Tom to eventually develop a flexible pouch that allowed the product to become shelf-stable and require no refrigeration until it was opened. In 1971, Tom was awarded a patent for this packaging invention, which the company enjoyed for years, and we now call the Gold Seal Pouch. The creation of the pouch was revolutionary for the business. This type of preservation opened up the possibility for their smoked salmon to be easily shipped, stored, shared, and enjoyed all across the country!

Today—65 years later, SeaBear sells a wide range of small-batch, artisan seafood that people in all 50 states can enjoy. Our products are commonly used in special meals for entertaining, healthy eating, and gifts for loved ones or colleagues. SeaBear has been presented at the White House, featured on Good Morning America, and even shared with deployed military all around the world. Through it all, the heart & soul of our product line remains grounded in the packaging that our founder created…all while remaining in Anacortes—as it has been since 1957.

Tom’s innovation can still be seen in action with 4 of our most popular products—all of which require no refrigeration!

SeaBear Smoked Salmon Gift Boxes

SeaBear’s Signature Smoked Wild Salmon Gift Boxes
An elegant, delicious way to share Pacific Northwest Smoked Salmon—one of the world’s greatest regional food traditions. A gift that people who have tried it look forward to year after year.

SeaBear Ready to Eat Pouches

SeaBear’s Ready To Eat Wild Salmon Pouches
These wildly convenient packages have accompanied hikers to the top of Mount Everest, all along the Pacific Crest Trail, countless camping trips, and other adventures—but that also doesn’t stop our customers from enjoying right at home!

SeaBear seafood chowders

SeaBear Seafood Chowders
Smoked Salmon Chowder, Alehouse Clam Chowder, and Smoked Salmon Spicy White Bean Soup are sure to warm up the body and soothe the soul! Each and every one of our chowders are made right here in our smokehouse kettles

SeaBear treats for pets!

SeaBear Pet Treats
We can’t forget about our furry friends! Treat your pets with 100% natural wild salmon treats—Annie’s Favorite for dogs and Lucky’s Favorite for cats.

Today, SeaBear offers over 200 items from salmon & halibut dinner fillets, silky smooth lox, crab & shellfish, easy-to-make dinner kits, and more. But to this day, the products that we feature in our Gold Seal Pouch remain among our most popular and are as relevant to our customers' needs today as they were decades ago.

We are so proud to celebrate 65 years! Our customers are the reason we are able to make this possible and we are so grateful. Here’s to the next 65 years of authentic innovation & artisan seafood!

Mike Mondello