Attention Garlic Lovers—A Smoked Salmon Just for Us

Attention Garlic Lovers—A Smoked Salmon Just for Us

Pacific Northwest Smoked Salmon -- SeaBear's signature since the beginning -- is based on the centuries-old traditions of this region.  Native Peoples would smoke  their catch of wild salmon over an open fire, to preserve it for the winter ahead, until the next year's runs arrived.  This traditional smoked salmon of the Pacific Northwest is fully cooked, moist and flaky, and very different than the lox style of smoked salmon found in much of the country, and the world,


Both styles of smoked salmon are delicious (SeaBear proudly offers both!), but we all grew up on the Pacific Northwest style, which is so woven into the culture here, and with such a long, rich history, and truly one of the world's great food traditions.


What's The Difference?

The primary difference between traditional Pacific Northwest style smoked salmon and smoked salmon lox comes down to one thing: heat.  



Pacific Northwest style smoked salmon (pictured left, above) is done in a method called "hot smoking" -- the salmon is brined, and then smoked at high heat so that the salmon fully cooks while smoking.  That's what creates the moist, flaky texture.


In contrast, lox style smoked salmon (pictured right, above) is "cold smoked" -- the salmon is cured, but not cooked.  Rather, it is smoked at low heat. Then, the smoked fish is typically cut into thin slices for serving.  These slices are moist, with a silky smooth texture, and VERY different from Pacific Northwest style.


How Garlic Lover's Came About

SeaBear's Garlic Lover's is one of our popular varieties of Pacific Northwest Smoked Salmon.  The idea was born years ago, when an employee shared some of his home-made smoked salmon with our smokehouse team.



Larry P. was our lead filleter, and a very active home cook. He liked to smoke salmon in his backyard in a little personal smoker (not uncommon here in the Pacific Northwest).  He'd bring in samples to share from time to time, which everyone looked forward to and appreciated.  Then one day he brought in a version that made very liberal use of garlic, and the team here LOVED it!  It was a huge hit, and everyone kept asking him to bring more and more.  People talked about it for years.


Our Garlic Lover's Smoked Salmon was inspired by Larry's beloved backyard variety.  To create it, we include garlic in the brine, then we brush the salmon with garlic olive oil, and finally top it with chopped garlic before smoking.  This all works together to deliver exactly what we were going for -- a flavor that garlic lovers love!



How To Enjoy

Like any of SeaBear Pacific Northwest Smoked Salmon, Garlic Lover's is so easy to enjoy on a grazing board with your favorite cheeses, sliced fruits, nuts, preserves, and crackers or crostini. But, the garlic makes it perfect in a number of simple recipe ideas, too.


  • Chop into small cubes and toss with fettucini
  • Shred it on top of your favorite salad
  • Make a Smoked Salmon Garlic Bread by adding it to your favorite garlic bread recipe, and melting mozzarella cheese on top
  • Cut into slices, put onto a long wooden toothpick or skewer along with a cube of cheddar cheese (and any other items you'd like) for a very fun Bloody Mary accompaniment.

Garlic lovers ALWAYS find more and more ways to use it -- we'd love to hear your recipe and serving ideas.