Grilling Salmon? Slow Down!
7 Tips for Your Salmon BBQ

Grilling Salmon? Slow Down!

Sure, everyone loves a great grilled hamburger, hot dog, or steak but here in the Pacific Northwest, the true taste of summer is wild salmon on the grill. Successfully grilling salmon – or pretty much any seafood, really – starts with this simple, but critical point: SLOW DOWN!

How to Cook Salmon On The Grill

Cooking seafood “low & slow” is the first secret to making amazing seafood meals, and it is as true on the grill as it is in your oven. Grill over a low-to-medium flame. Take your time. These are helpful reminders that will lock in the natural juices of the fish and reduce your chances of overcooking, resulting in a beautiful, delicious meal off the grill.

For many people, this is NOT what they think, or what they learned from various recipes. But we promise: low & slow is the way to go!

Cook Salmon with Chef Dominique Place

OK, now for some other simple tips: check out our short video HERE. Our friend, award-winning Chef Dominique Place (who created the Gerard & Dominique brand, now part of the SeaBear family), shares some of his favorite tips for perfectly done salmon from the grill. Prefer to read and instructions to reference? See our tips below.

Happy grilling!

Mike Mondello

Easy Grilled Salmon Recipe

  1. Brush with olive oil first. You can also add lemon slices or lemon juice, or season with your favorite spices. Ours include paprika, brown sugar, or good old salt and pepper.
  2. Place on grill skin-side up! Cooking the meat first allows the smoke of the grill to give it that incredible taste and ensure your fish is fully cooked to enjoy later on.
  3. After two minutes, turn each piece one quarter turn (we’re all about those grill marks!)
  4. Lower the heat. Keep your grill on low to medium. Watch your fish turn from the iconic salmon pink to a more opaque color.
  5. After two more minutes, flip each piece with the meat side now facing up.
  6. Flip only once! Leave the fish to achieve an even brown and crust. Allow it to rest. Flipping it every few seconds affects your timing and your taste.
  7. Once the fish is firm to the touch and almost done, remove to plate. Remove from the grill before your fish is fully cooked, as it will continue to cook once you let it come to rest.

Let the salmon sit and cover with foil if you need more time to cook the rest of your meal.

Healthy Salmon Recipes: What Veggies To Pair Salmon With?

For a full salmon dinner, pair with grilled zucchini, serve with parmesan asparagus cooked on the stove, or make a light kale salad dressed with our Crab Captain’s Vinaigrette!

These 7 tips are so simple to remember and great for elevating any meal from a backyard barbecue to a luxury dine-in dinner. The taste of a true Pacific Northwest Summer is only one flip away, and we’re happy to offer you a truly authentic experience from the comfort of your kitchen.