Happy National Dog Day
From All Us Dog Lovers at SeaBear Smokehouse

Happy National Dog Day

For most of us at the Smokehouse, the holiday season is our favorite time of year. But not far behind is late August, with National Dog Day!

After a day at work creating our specialty seafood offerings, there is nothing better than coming home to be greeted enthusiastically by our furry friends. From Sasha’s German Shepard Echo, to Jordan’s Kaylee (Catahula Hound), Marissa’s Cheddar (Terrier mix), Patti’s “grand dogs” Koda, Petunia & Indy (called “Indy 500” cause she is so fast!), Mike & Melissa’s Marty (Yellow Lab), Lauren’s Peanut, Lizanne’s Goldendoodle Summer (14 years old!), Roxanne’s Baily (a Dorgi), Kelli’s Charlie, Chevy & Tug, Leslie’s Baily & Brooke, Ron’s Sadie, Karen’s Charlie Bean, Justin’s Landry, my two Golden Retrievers Lucia and Maria Rosa, and more, we love ALL the canine members of our SeaBear family.

Being dog lovers, we even feature a wild salmon dog treat at the Smokehouse – Annie’s Favorite – named after a beloved Golden Retriever from my family some years back. Dogs love the taste of wild salmon, and it is a natural source of protein and Omega 3 fatty acids. Important to note -- whenever serving your dog salmon it must be cooked (raw or undercooked salmon should never be fed to your dog) – our Annie’s Favorite is fully cooked in the pouch, and no refrigeration is required until opened. One of our favorite articles on feeding your dog salmon is from the American Kennel Club, and can be found HERE.

We’ve shared a few of our dog photos below, and we LOVE to see photos of our customers’ furry friends – if you’d like to share, please post your favorite pic on our Facebook or Instagram pages.

Please tell your dog all of us at the Smokehouse say HAPPY NATIONAL DOG DAY!


  • Echo the German Shepard


  • Kaylee the Catahula Hound


  • Cheddar the Terrier Mix


  • Petunia and her little sister


  • Koda and Indy

    Koda & Indy

  • Marty the Yellow Lab


  • Peanut the dog


  • Summer the Goldendoodle


  • Baily the Dorgi


  • Charlie the dog


  • Chevy the dog


  • Tug the dog


  • Baily & Brooke

    Bailey & Brooke

  • Sadie the dog


  • Charlie Bean the dog

    Charlie Bean

  • Landry the pup


  • Lucia & Maria Rosa

    Lucia & Maria Rosa