Never Tried Sablefish? 4 Reasons That Needs to Change!

Never Tried Sablefish?  4 Reasons That Needs to Change!

The official name is Sablefish (species Anaplopoma fimbria), though it's also sometimes referred to as Black Cod or Butterfish. Whatever you choose to call it, it is a seafood experience NOT to be missed.


Wild Sablefish is one of the true seafood treasures of the Pacific Northwest, fished in the icy cold waters of the North Pacific at depths of 1,000 to almost 9,000 feet.  It is prized the world over by chefs for creating elegant meals -- here's what they (and food lovers in-the-know) love about it:


INCREDIBLE FLAVOR & TEXTURE UNLIKE OTHER SEAFOOD – “Elegant", "incredibly rich", "buttery” “velvety”; the white flesh of the Sablefish is widely loved for its amazing flavor, high natural oil content, and soft, satisfying texture. This is one of those culinary experiences that, when tasted for the first time, results in a genuine WOW reaction!


CULINARY VERSATILITY – The high fat content of Sablefish makes it wonderful to prepare and serve many ways --  grilling, baking, smoking, or frying, or even served as sushi.  One very popular recipe for Sablefish is Miso Marinated.  At SeaBear, we prefer it simple, to let the brilliance of the fish shine through: Prior to cooking, brush with olive oil, season with sea salt / black pepper / garlic powder, and that’s it!



OMEGA-3 FATTY ACIDS - 1,543 mg OMEGA 3s DHA & EPA per 3 oz. serving (source: Even more than wild Alaskan salmon. Impressive!



SUSTAINABILITY – Alaskan Sablefish is a well managed, sustainable resource. Sablefish populations are healthy, and the fishing method (bottom longlines) produces little bycatch or harm to bottom habitat. Additionally, an innovation boom in gear design and fishing behavior has helped trawlers avoid bycatch hotspots and keep sensitive species out of nets. The Alaskan Sablefish fishery is certified sustainable by Marine Stewardship Council and RFM (Alaska Responsible Fisheries Management).  Sablefish is also recognized as a responsible seafood choice by environmental icons such as Monterey Bay Seafood Watch (Best Choice), Ocean Wise (Recommended), and Environmental Defense Fund (Best Eco-rating).


Want to give this amazing seafood treasure a try?  See SeaBear’s Sablefish dinner fillets HERE, or our Smoked Sablefish (now that is a special treat!) HERE.