Our Favorite Pairing - Tacos & Tequila

Our Favorite Pairing - Tacos & Tequila
It is a much-celebrated pairing and tradition -- Tacos & Tequila. The bold and spicy flavors of the taco are complemented by the crisp, refreshing flavors in tequila.  This is true with meat-based tacos of course, as well as our personal favorite here at SeaBear: the fish taco.  Whether enjoying your tequila in a margarita, or straight up, this is a food and beverage pairing not to be missed.
Tequila is so much more than just a distilled spirit – it is an iconic element in Mexican culture, a centerpiece in Mexican gatherings and community. Additionally, it is uniquely Mexican, as tequila can only authentically be made in Mexico.
Below we’ll provide our suggestions for creating your fish tacos.  When pairing fish tacos with tequila, we recommend a blanco tequila, as its bright citrusy flavor is a perfect match.  Beyond tequila, tacos can also pair wonderfully with another iconic traditional Mexican drink (and cousin to tequila), Mezcal.  Our friend Rosalinda Mendoza, founder of Mocel Mezcal of Michoacan, Mexico, says “Mezcal's complexity adds layers of flavors to tacos; mezcal's earthy flavors beautifully complement the light and fresh taste of fish tacos."



Creating Your Fish Taco


We’re obviously big fans of salmon, but what about Halibut or Alaskan Cod fish tacos? Alaskan King crab or Dungeness crab make amazing tacos, too. There’s such a variety of fish and different flavors to incorporate into fish tacos. The beauty of tacos is that they’re easy to put together and with their basic ingredients, wonderfully delicious. We even have Ready-to-Eat Salmon if you want to keep it really simple.

You can have fun with it too. Think of the unique ingredients you can complement any fish with to elevate your tacos and make a meal that’s particularly memorable. Whether it’s a mango salsa, a chipotle dry rub, or working in lime as you cook your fish, you can pack in more layers of flavor for your taco.

Here's our own SeaBear Fish Taco recipe to get you started; it features wild salmon, but feel free to substitute with your favorite seafood.  And, or course, don’t forget the tequila!