Hiking (and staying well fueled on) The Pacific Crest Trail

Hiking (and staying well fueled on) The Pacific Crest Trail

***Introducing Our Guest***

We are thrilled to spotlight long-time SeaBear customer Dana Law. In May of 2003, Dana began hiking the Pacific Crest Trail -- a 2,650 mile journey beginning at the Mexican border, and running through California, Oregon and Washington until it reaches the Canadian border. After 13 years and 31 separate sections heading North without missing a step, he arrived at the Northern Terminus at the Canadian border in August 2016, completing the entire Pacific Crest Trail journey. We are honored that Dana included SeaBear Ready To Eat Wild Salmon pouches as part of his on-the-trail nutrition, and thrilled he agreed to share some thoughts about his significant achievement.


Mike Mondello

President, SeaBear Smokehouse



QUESTION - What motivated you to embark on this major journey?

I read "The Royal Road to Romance" by Richard Halliburton as a boy, a story of his fabulous adventures. It started an interest in experiences and exploration of our world. I had to have an adventure of my own. Physical fitness was essential to this goal. An early influence was Jack LaLanne. My mom and I watched him on TV.


QUESTION - What did you find to be the biggest challenge or surprise?

It was the hardest thing I'd ever done physically, but you realize that the mental challenge to keep going on is the most difficult. The biggest and most pleasant surprise is that I had the fortitude and perseverance to it.

QUESTION - Which one or two parts of the journey did you find the most memorable? Why?

The Sierras and the Northern Cascades were highlights. They were the most challenging and astoundingly beautiful. The deserts of Southern California were devastatingly hot. Hydration was crucial for survival.


QUESTION - How did you stay properly fueled and hydrated throughout?

Good nutrition is essential for backpacking. Hydration is essential. Water with electrolytes is the start of every day on the trail. Protein is a big part of my daily food: Salmon, Macadamia nuts, and beef jerky. A ramen dinner fulfills the need for carbohydrates.


We were thrilled that Dana included SeaBear's Ready to Eat Wild Salmon as part of his nutritional plan on the trail.

QUESTION - What is your next adventure?

I'm on the Arizona Trail—eight hundred miles from the Mexican Border South of Tucson to Utah. I've finished 680 miles of it at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon with 120 miles to go. I'll hit the trail again in October.