Wild Salmon - Yes, Healthy Meals CAN Be Delicious!

Wild Salmon - Yes, Healthy Meals CAN Be Delicious!

When looking to make smart choices for eating well, why should wild salmon be part of your plan?  Well, it starts with this:  The American Heart Association recommends eating 2 servings of fish (particularly fatty fish) per week (HERE).   Also, take a look at the nutritional values of wild Alaskan salmon, summarized so well by AlaskaSeafood.org HERE, as well as Alaskan whitefish HERE and Alaskan crab HERE.  So many choices from the clear, cold waters of Alaska to help you eat well and eat right!

Some Delicious WAYS to Enjoy

There are lots of ways to make healthy choices in one’s diet, but unless your food choices taste good, you are far less likely to keep at it. So, when looking for ways to make healthy eating choices AND do it with food that is delicious, wild salmon is right there at the top of the list.

Here are our 6 of our favorite light recipes (some of these reference smoked salmon, but they can just as easily be made with cooked wild salmon fillets or SeaBear's Ready To Eat Wild Salmon in the TakeAnywhere pouch):

By the way, even MOMS love it, too CLICK HERE 


Have A Favorite Way?

If you have a favorite recipe for making a healthy, delicious meal from wild salmon (or any of your favorite seafoods) we'd love to hear about it!  Send it to us at Smokehouse@SeaBear.com.   


Happy eating!


And … Just a Little Seafood Fun

As you plan your seafood diet, let’s have a little fun with some Seafood Trivia (answers below):


a. What % of all spending on seafood in the U.S. is at restaurants?

b. On a per-capita basis, what is the most popular seafood in the US?

c. What % of people eat the recommended 2 servings/week of seafood?

d. Name 3 movies with Fish in the title.





TRIVIA ANSWERS (don't peek before taking a guess!)

a. 65%

b. Shrimp is #1, salmon is #2

c. 20% (according to CDC data)

d. Lots, but here are a few answers:  A Fish Called Wanda; Big Fish; Black Fish; Fish Tank; Passion Fish.